Lightening Rod Parenting through Tough Transitions

Transitions…when being a parent feels like being a lightening rod…

You are not alone, brave parents.

Your child is exhausted.

She is holding it together all day at school. He is trying to “be so good” for his new teacher and new friends. They are learning to adapt to yet another set of expectations from another adult.

You are their safe. You are their grounding point.
You are exhausted.

You are trying to establish routine again. You are trying to get your kids to bed and then up and then out the door. You are hoping they are holding it together for their new teacher and friends. You are perhaps saying goodbye happily, perhaps saying goodbye wistfully, perhaps a bit of both, and either way, it’s hard.

Then they come home.
Their exhausted selves.

They’re REALLY mean to you.
Their lightening strikes out of nowhere.
It feels sudden, harsh, and jolts your inner being.

You are not alone.

Your child did not turn into a new being while gone for those six and a half hours…but it might feel like it.

Hang in there, super parents.
Your children will storm for a bit until they find their routine and structure and safe again.
Weather that lightening with your calm.

and when you can’t…

take a deep breath and have a bit of grace for yourself, just like you have grace for your exhausted child.

It’s not easy being a figurative lightening rod.
You’ve got this.